Play This Forward (SM): A Rare Disease Awareness Initiative Delivering Harmony to the Hearts of Special Children

Hughes with good friend, Bridget, 2012
Hughes with good friend, Bridget, 2012
Harmony 4 Hope(SM), Founder, Kerry Morgan Hughes of Lake Zurich, proudly announces a cornerstone campaign at this musically inspired Organization. 

Play This Forward(SM) is a Rare Disease Awareness movement created to compassionately reach out to children who are impacted by the uncertainty and isolation that oftentimes accompanies a Rare Disease diagnosis. 

"Bridget Kennicott is  among the children who will receive a personalized playlist from us," says Hughes. Bridget's valiant battle with a life threatening, rare & genetic condition known as Batten disease, fuels the mission at Harmony 4 Hope (SM).

In recognition of the 7th Annual World Rare Disease Day, February 28th, our team of volunteer youth is collecting iTunes gift cards and unwanted Nanos and Shuffles. These devices will be tailored with personalized playlists for children of Rare Disease.  The goal of this initiative is to create an outreach opportunity that engages young adults in a very meaningful way.

"So many of our own children are technological wizards, who love music!  We can tap that knowledge and passion to empower these kids for the greater good."
says Hughes.  "Where there is music, there is HOPE!"

Donate to Harmony 4 Hope.  Visit us today: www.harmony4hope.org

Let the Music Play! Plug In with us on Facebook and Twitter. 


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