Sandy's Salon Tips from the Sanctuary Salon and Spa

Sandy's Tips from the Sanctuary Salon and Spa
Sandy's Tips from the Sanctuary Salon and Spa

Sandy’s Tips

Shampoo is Shampoo…. Right?

Wrong….If that were true we would all be using dish shop and mane & tail!

Our individual hair care needs can be as diverse as our personalities.

From curly to straight, natural to colored and highlighted, there is a product that can meet your needs for any hair type.

So you have just invested time and money in a beautiful color and the salon. Better think twice before you walk out without color care shampoo and conditioner to protect your investment. Citric acid and sulfates can wash that color right down the drain.

Sandy’s recommendation….Aquage color protecting shampoo and conditioner a great pale to start but the best part about Aquage is the entire line is color safe.

Got Frizzies?

Aquage smoothing shampoo will leave your hair shiny and smooth. Follow by equalizing detangler, this weight less conditioner leaves hair soft and manageable.

Feeling Flat?

Biomega volumizing shampoo conditioner thickens hair from within. The Biomega nutrients will give you more fullness and longer lasting styles.


Strengthening shampoo helps prevent breakage and improves strength up to 36% followed with Biomeaga Moisture Mist. This will revive fine dull hair instantly leaving it healthy hydrated and tangle free.

Still Confused??

Consult with one of the friendly and talented stylists at the Sanctuary Salon and Spa.  Give us a call today at 847-381-5043,  we would be happy to assist you with your hair care needs!



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