Am I A Good Enough Parent? Weighing Burnout vs. Guilt

And what makes a good parent, anyway? Parents, join the online conversation.

Mothers Day is Sunday, and moms will likely get flowers or a dinner out. 

Some will simply appreciate the acknowledgement for a year's worth of changing diapers.

For others, the guilt will strike.  "But I'm not one of THOSE mothers who bakes from scratch for the bake sale, pushes my kids to excel, cheers them at every game and makes sure they're registered for camp by February," they may say. "I'm lucky if they have clean socks."

But is that important? Or is it more important to be there for your kids on good days and bad days, modeling patience and forgiveness, and showing by example the value of laughter and love?

Whaddya say, parents?  All are invited to scroll down to the comments and give us your thoughts.



Tricia Williams May 05, 2011 at 01:43 PM
Being a mom is the best job ever!!! It is also difficult, frustrating, complicated, tiring, you name it. I have often wished that there was a handbook, "How to be the best mom" which could be magically adapted for every mom and for each child. Alas, that doesn't exist and it's easy to look back and say coulda, woulda, shoulda... We do the best we can with the knowledge, time and resources that we have. Love and care for your child the way you would like to be loved and cared for. Have a Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there.
Sherrone May 05, 2011 at 02:57 PM
I don't think there is one "right" way to be a mom. As long as you are doing the best that you can with what is available to you financially and time-wise, then you should be secure in the knowledge that, even if you are not what you may think the definition of the "best" mom is, you have been the best mom that you possibly can. We try our best; we all have good days and bad days; as long as you love your children, and show it, you are doing what you should. Happy Mother's Day. --Sherrone, NPMC


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