Barrington Alpaca Farm Owner Also Published Author

Jim Tomaszek's latest novel called The Tatra Eagle is now available for purchase. Tomaszek is also the owner of Safehouse Alpaca Farm.


You may have heard of  Jim Tomaszek, the owner of Safehouse Alpaca Farm in Barrington. Tomaszek is known in Barrington for his ventures on the farm, but many don’t realize he’s also a published author.

Tomaszek has been writing for 40 years, and has completed four novels written under the name J. Victor Tomaszek. His latest book called The Tatra Eagle was released Oct. 28.

“At first, my novels were very simple, but not really very good. After a while I learned to write better,” Tomaszak said.

The Tatra Eagle is a historical fiction novel that takes place in 1683 in central Europe and Poland. It tells the tale of a young boy who’s father is off at war and is eventually killed. The boy is attacked by raiders while living in the Tatra mountains and is saved by Polish knights who teach him to fight. They deliver the boy his fallen father’s sword—his dying wish.

Tomaszek’s Editorial Review on Amazon.com reads:

“At its heart The Tatra Eagle is a story of the love for ones country and its cultural heritage - its language, music, food, history, sacrifices, achievements, myths, celebrations - lovingly passed down from past generations to future ones.”

Tomaszek hopes to teach his children more about their Polish heritage through the novel.

“One of the reasons I wrote this is because I’m of Polish heritage,” Tomaszek said. “I’ve been working with people in Poland on the historical part of it…it’s a small window of historical fiction. People of Polish descent would like it,”

The Tatra Eagle is available for purchase on amazon.com for $13.80. 


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