Barrington Hills Historical Areas to be Commemorated by State

Two State Historical Markers will be unveiled in Barrington Hills on Oct. 6.

History will be remembered in Barrington Hills on Saturday, Oct. 6 when two Illinois State Historical Markers will be unveiled.

This is a first ever event for the Barrington-area. Both markers represent sites of early settler history in Barrington Hills. One marker is at the David Haeger Schoolhouse and Cemetery on Meadow Hill Road and the other is at the Ira C. Goodrich Homestead on Plum Tree Road. Each large historical marker will have a text detailing its history. 

The dedication will begin at 1 p.m. at the Schoolhouse and Cemetery with a special honor for Otis Drake, a War of 1812 soldier, interred here. This former school, now a residence, was named for the David Haeger Family from Germany, who settled in this part of McHenry County. This area was the boyhood home of David Henry Haeger, the eldest son of the Haeger children, who founded the world renowned decorative pottery business in 1871, still in operation today.

The adjoining Haeger Cemetery was dedicated by deed in 1854, some burials took place prior to that time with the oldest headstone dating back to 1842. Four members of the Haeger Family are at rest here, along with the Ira C. Goodrich Family.

The second historical marker unveiling will take place on the Ira C. Goodrich Homestead at 3 p.m. This site represents the evolution of land and buildings originally homesteaded in 1843 as a traditional farm, to its adaptation as a gentleman farm in 1926. It was Chicago Tribune owner and philanthropist Alfred Cowles, who came to Barrington Hills to farm and raise horses as a leisure venture, while enjoying this farm as his countryside retreat.

The Goodrich Homestead includes a portion of the road, on which was once an Indian Trail, providing early settlers entry into McHenry County.


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