Missing Barrington Library Book Found in Atlanta Airport

A California mother and daughter found the book and mailed it back to the library with a note attached.


Not all that's lost is gone forever. That was certainly the case for a Barrington Area Library book a resident thought was left behind in the Atlanta, Georgia Airport.

A mother and daughter from California found the book called "What's Left Of Me" by Kat Zhang in a restroom at the airport. In a letter written to the Barrington Area Library, the mother wrote:

"We left it there for about an hour, hoping the owner would come back for it. Before our flight took off, we ran back to the bathroom to see if it was still there. We had taken special notice of the book because the main character's name is Addie, as is my daughter who found the book. The book was still there so we decided to bring it home with us."

The mother said she noticed it was a library book, and logged into the Barrington Area Library's website for deatils on its status. 

"I saw that you had 1 copy and it was out on loan and due to be returned January 13th. I'm hoping it makes it back to you by the deadline!" the letter read. 

When the library received the book and letter, the entire staff was thrilled. 

"We enjoyed passing the letter around with the story of the book’s journey. Even in a big, complicated world, those random acts of kindness and honesty still have a way of touching our hearts," said Barrington Area Library's Public Information Manager Karen McBride. 

The person who lost the book reported it as lost and paid a fine. Library staff has reached out to them to let them know it was returned and a refund will be waiting at the library. 


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