Patch Pet of the Week: Emily is Looking for a Friend to Snuggle With

This sweet senior kitty is looking for a comfy lap to curl up in.

Thirteen years ago, I was a ball of string-capturing, feather-pouncing energy when my owner adopted me as a kitten. They named me Emily, and I grew up knowing the love and companionship of a kind guardian.

But a few months ago, something changed. Everything in our house was packed up into cardboard boxes, and I kept trying to snuggle up in one, too, but my owner would shoo me away and put more household items into it instead. When the moving van showed up, I was put into my carrier, and I was waiting to begin our next adventure together. Instead, I was dropped off at the shelter much like I had been adopted at 13 years earlier. The reason I heard my owner say? Moving into an apartment where no pets were allowed. What??? I’m not a pet! I’m family!!

Because I grew up in a loving home, I took the change in stride. But I didn’t like being in a cage, and every time someone walked past me, I would do my best to get their attention. I’d rub my head against the cage bars and stick my paw out as far as I could reach to try and touch people as they walked past. And it worked! People would stop and say hi to me, but then they looked at the age on my kennel card, and quickly walk away. What does age have to do with love?

A few weeks ago, the cage door opened, and a volunteer from Young at Heart Pet Rescue scooped me up into her arms. I purred and rubbed my head against her chin, and wrapped my paws around her arm. Could she hear me say, “Please don’t let go! Pick me!?” I guess she did! I heard her say she wouldn’t leave me behind, and soon I was back in a cat carrier, and on my way to the vet for a check up. And I am so healthy that the vet thought I was 8 years old! Really, I’m just 13 years young! And then I was on my way to an adoption center just for older kitties like me.

I’m a great little girl! I love lap time, so be prepared to share your couch and your bed with me. Of course, when you’re lap isn’t available; I’m just fine curling up on a soft blanket on my own. And, I hope you like petting cats, because I will let you pet me and snuggle with me for as long as you’d like. And if you forget to give me a little attention, I’ll remind you to from time to time.

I’m friendly to other kitties at the center. I’d like another gentle, laid back cat in a home, if possible. I use my litter box like a good girl, I’m spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. I’m ready to start a journey with a new person to love, so fill out an adoption application today. I’d love to show you what a good lap warmer I can be!

For more information, visit the Young At Heart Pet Rescue website or check out the Lake Zurich Adoption Center. 

Click here to download an adoption application. 


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