School District 220 Asks Neighbors Not to Burn Leaves

Open leaf burning can adversely affect the health of staff and students, according to Barrington District 220, which is asking residential neighbors to find other ways to dispose of leaves.

Leaf burning is a health concern for the schools, says District 220.
Leaf burning is a health concern for the schools, says District 220.

The winter season is upon us, leaving many Barrington 220 residents busily cleaning up their yards before the first big snowfall. Some communities in the school district, such as portions of unincorporated Lake County, permit open leaf burning. This is an ongoing issue that causes health concerns for our students and staff members.

At our schools in these areas, children and staff with chronic respiratory conditions are often adversely affected on days when leaf burning occurs nearby. This requires them to stay indoors where, unlike neighbors in their homes, students and employees cannot leave school if smoke from leaf burning becomes too pervasive. Even then, the haze and odor from smoldering leaves can enter the building’s ventilation system.

The school district is asking school neighbors that they find other ways of disposing of their leaves this year. If that is not an option, they are being asked to kindly consider burning their leaves on the weekends when students and staff are not present.

Submitted by Barrington District 220


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