Should successful people in Illinois "go Galt"?

Successful people just lost another election. What are you prepared to do about it? Is it time for capitalists to go on strike?

Successful people in Illinois lost the election yesterday.  The future looks pretty bleak, not just because several good Republican candidates lost their races, but because virtually unchecked Democratic power remains in Springfield.

We were fortunate locally that voters favored Rep. Peter Roskam in the 6th Congressional district, plus Illinois Senator Dan Duffy and the election of David McSweeney as 52nd District Representative.  Those wins are small consolation, however, for the continued rise of progressives in Washington and Springfield, who now have virtually unchecked power to keep ruining us all economically.  The Republican Party in Illinois has failed miserably - again - and it will cost us all.

I don't generally like Ayn Rand's philosophy, as detailed in Atlas Shrugged, but it may finally be time for rational leaders to "go Galt" in Illinois.

Let Obama push his tax the rich agenda, and let the Dems in Springfield do continued damage, too. Stop hiring.  Stop fighting them.  Invest elsewhere.

It may be time for a strike by capitalists, rather than unions.

If they want government to run and regulate and redistribute everything more "fairly", let them try to make it work.  Stop trying to succeed in spite of them.

Focus on capital preservation and economic growth elsewhere, where business is welcomed, rather than the creation of taxable income and growth in Illinois.

Let the progressives who voted for this big government agenda feel the full adverse consequences of their decision.

No charity. If they want to rely on government for everything, let them do so. Do not help them to avoid the consequences of bad decisions.  Starve the government of income to redistribute politically.  Just look out for your own selfish interests, as these voters have done.  Do not worry about the consequences for others.  Let their friends in our bankrupt government worry about helping them.

Invest in success elsewhere.  Let Illinois and Chicago implode like the Soviet Union, and then negotiate from a position of strength as it collapses from within.  Don't choose to bankroll the continued destruction of Illinois by our politicians.

We don't have any obligation to "give back".  Let Chicago and Illinois be like Detroit.  Instead of that shining city on a hill that Reagan talked about, let Chicago be an example for others of how "progressive" policies can destroy a once great city.  Don't let politicians shift the burden for their failures to you.  Let them visibly fail miserably to deliver on their promises of something for nothing.

There are many other places where hard work and risk-taking are respected and rewarded, rather than exploited by politicians who trade handouts for power.

Is it time for this sort of loyal opposition, in which we escalate the fight, rather than concede defeat?  Is it time for successful people to go on strike?

The fight for the future of America goes on.  In that war to restore America to founding principles and real economic growth, we may need to temporarily starve BOTH political parties and the government bureaucracy of the hard-earned resources they have taken for granted.  

They obviously feel entitled to take as much of our money as they want, and do as they please with it, without real constraints.  Let them vote to take our money - but don't give money to their politicians or party leaders who do so.  Instead, make it as hard as possible for them to deprive you of what you have earned.  Deny them the wealth and income they want to redistribute politically.  Defend it.

The Republican Party in Illinois has failed miserably to attract voter support, or to protect the interests of the successful individuals who fund their campaigns and donate generously to countless charitable social initiatives in our communities.  Instead of encouraging private success and charity, it is becoming just another big government party seeking more political power to reward their friends.  It is dominated by progressive Republicans, rather than fiscally responsible ones.

This latest election proves it again, with GOP turnout no better than 2000 or 2008, and significantly worse than 2004.  Obama got 15% fewer votes in Illinois in 2012 than in 2008, losing roughly 500,000 votes, but the Illinois GOP gained absolutely nothing.  What has the party done to attract new supporters?

If this political party were a business, we would either shut it down or insist upon a serious turnaround action plan, probably under new leadership.  Instead, as in 2008, the party leadership and bureaucracy remains in denial about the problem, and clueless about how to reverse the growing string of costly failures.  While they go on with business as usual, everyone else in Illinois pays the price.

The success of Illinois is at stake.  There is a reason why Illinois has lost Congressional districts in every census for the last half century.  It is losing economically to other states.  Successful individuals who realize that are voting with their feet by moving elsewhere.

The Democratic leadership has progressively destroyed what was at one time one of the most vibrant and fast-growing economic environments for business in the world.  The anemic economic growth of this state just reflects the fact that they have not yet managed to completely stifle productive economic activity here.

We are not going to reverse that trend by doing more of the same under the same leadership.

Is it time for successful people in Illinois to "go Galt"?  What do you think?

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Christine Stevens November 09, 2012 at 01:39 PM
Interesting idea with some merit, but in practicality it must be done like a flash mob with speed and in numbers to wake people to the reality of what is happening in this Country.


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