Area Bed & Breakfast 'Feels Like Home'

A screen grab of the Barrington House Bed & Breakfast parlor room from its website, www.barringtonhouse.com.
A screen grab of the Barrington House Bed & Breakfast parlor room from its website, www.barringtonhouse.com.

By Morgan Delack

On the corner of Dundee and Station streets is one of Barrington’s hidden gems. This beautifully restored historic home is where you’ll find Barrington House Bed & Breakfast

Innkeeper Mary O'Donnell and her husband turned this quaint home into a beautiful and comfortable place for Barrington visitors to stay.  

“My husband and I thought this would be something fun to do into retirement, so we started looking for a property in Barrington. It was a single family home when we purchased it and we made it into a Bed and Breakfast," she said. 

Turning this historic home into what it is today was no easy task for the O’Donnells. The large addition they added was carefully crafted to flow with the rest of the existing property. The B&B boasts some unique features including one of O’Donnells favorite; the music room.

“The music room…I love guests to play my piano, if they play. So that’s always a treat when someone sits down and does that," O'Donnell said. 

 The Bed & Breakfast also includes enjoy a nicely decorated parlor, large eating area, several outdoor spaces for guests to enjoy, and five guest rooms, each with its own theme.

“One of the rooms is named Kilmeena. That’s the town in Ireland that my husband’s grandparents emmigrated from.  That room kind of reflects an Irish theme, it’s green and all of the books are either about Ireland or they are Irish authors.”

O’Donnell says the location of the Bed & Breakfast is one of the many things that keeps guests returning year after year.

"The Metra train stop is just four blocks from here. Often times I have guests that take the train and just walk here. It's really nice for that, it's a great location."

If you’re looking for a place to stay that’s not your average hotel, Barrington House Bed & Breakfast may be just the place for you.

"It's nice when you're traveling to have a space that feels very much like home, it's just a really nice feeling for guests. They feel well cared for and very comfortable," O'Donnell said. 

For more information, visit www.barringtonhouse.com.

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