Barrington Residents Launch Autism Support Business

Shining Abilities, LLC is a company designed to help children with Autism reach their potential and make it easier on families that support them.


Autism and developmental disorders are becoming more and more common these days. Three Barrington High School graduates decided to launch a brand new business to help fill a void in the Autism community.

After working as a therapist for children with Autism for more than 15 years, Andrea Lemke recognized that the industry lacked a robust channel through which to get well-designed products that were tailored for the needs of these children. Teaming up with her brother Dan Schwab and sister Kristin Blomquist, the three set out to create a company that would help children with Autism better reach their potential and make it easier on the families that support them.

The team developed Shining Abilities, LLC which is designed to provide products to support the development of children with Autism and other developmental disorders. The company has introduced innovative products to the Autism community including the “I See” visual book series, “Joey Says” game and “Play and Sensory” take along bags. In addition to their own products, Shining Abilities also sells other products proven effective for kids with developmental disorders.

Supporting the Autism Community is an integral part of Shining Abilities’ mission. The business is involved with the Autism Speaks walk events this spring, both recently in Glencoe and Chicago.  Shining Abilities will also be at the ASHA Conference in Milwaukee and Barrington Sidewalk Days later in July. 

“Our participation in Autism Speaks and our local events is one way to demonstrate our commitment and give back to the Autism Community.” Schwab said.

In addition to their product line, www.shiningabilities.com provides:

  • Free articles to provide current information on Autism along with therapeutic ideas and strategies for helping children.  
  • A complimentary service that will match customers with an industry professional to help them select the best products.
  • A feature that enables customers to create their own wish lists, helping friends and family to know the best gifts for their child.
  • Free account membership and a newsletter that will keep customers up to date on the latest information in the industry and provide them with  discounts and promotions from Shining Abilities.

With back to school coming up before we know it, Shining Abilities is offering a 10 percent discount for all customers through the end of August (enter code “Save10” at checkout). 

For more information on Shining Abilities, call 800-875-6194 or visit their website at www.shiningabilities.com.


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