Park Avenue Wine Bar Closes, New Restaurant Set to Open

The Annex will soon open next door to McGonigal's Pub.

A well-known Barrington business has closed its doors after a two-and-a-half year run in town.

closed for business on Aug. 19 due to financial reasons.

“It was a beautiful place. I thought we did a lot of good business. We had a lot of good clients, but it just came down to it wasn’t making the numbers we needed it to,” Bryan McGonigal said.

The wine bar and neighboring restaurant were opened simultaneously and have been owned and operated by the McGonigal family.

McGonigal thinks part of the reason the wine bar didn’t succeed was the branding and marketing of the establishment. Many people didn’t realize that the wine bar also had a full dinner menu.

“The wine bar just never really caught on as much as we were hoping,” McGonigal said.

The departure of Park Avenue Wine Bar doesn’t mean there will be a vacancy in that spot. McGonigal plans to open a new restaurant called The Annex in just two weeks time.

The Annex will be an extension of McGonigal’s Pub, but will have different features. Martinis, mixed drinks and small, shared plates will be part of the restaurant’s focus.

“What we’re going to do with The Annex is bringing the pub atmosphere over to the other side, but we’re all just making it an extension of the pub,” McGonigal said. “It’s for the people that might love the pub atmosphere but feel the want to do something a little bit different.”

The Annex may take over the spot formerly known as Park Avenue Wine Bar, but the atmosphere will look much different. McGonigal is making construction and cosmetic changes to the location to open the space up and change the look.

A perk of dining at either the pub or The Annex is that customers will be able to order from both menus.

“It’s nice to be able to share resources,” McGonigal said.

The Annex is still hiring for various positions. More more information on how to apply, head to www.mcgonigals pub.com. The restaurant is scheduled to open Thursday, Sept. 6 in correlation with Fashion’s Night Out. 

Trish Y. August 30, 2012 at 03:25 PM


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