Woodfire Chicken Closes Doors

Long time Deerfield restaurant ends long run on Lake Cook Road.

, a long time Deerfield restaurant of more than 25 years, closed its doors Thursday.

Though a sign on the door reads, “Closed for remodeling, reopening soon,” the business is no longer in operation, according to Deerfield Code Enforcement Supervisor Clint Case.

Case received a call from the fire marshal Thursday informing him equipment was being disconnected from the building. The removal triggered an automatic signal to the fire department.

“I said I would go down there and check it out,” Case said. “When I got there they were removing the equipment.”

Neither Woodfire Chicken partner Andelo Cardaras nor building owner Charles Ifergan returned calls to Patch for a comment.

Nina April 14, 2012 at 08:14 PM
I'll miss Woodfire, it was great to pick up after work, relatively healthy chicken, and reasonably price. The hep was sO nice. I'll miss them.
Bringin' Down Briarwood April 14, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Man, that's a f-ing shame if it's true. I'm not saying I blame them. But, for me, it speaks volumes to the true issues here. Please keep us updated if you hear anything else. Time to put some pressure on the village. This situation blows, but it's such a mess that's it's kind of nice to start with such a blank canvas.
Jane dee April 22, 2012 at 09:44 PM
I liked their ribs alot even better than Carson's will miss them I hope that rumor is true about moving to wheeling !!
Jon Hall December 27, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Jon Hall December 27, 2012 at 02:42 PM
Obviously, the Deerfield restaurant environment is devoid of a wide appeal to taste buds. There's just too few people here without a sense of taste to adequately support a plethora of establishments which serve food with little imagination, less seasoning, and smaller portions. Kevin's wants to call his pace a diner. He has no clue. Venture out East dude, and visit a few diners. Deerfield's is probably our finest food/dining establishment...tasty, attractive, and not particularly overpriced. It draws outsiders to town.


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