John Carter of Mars - A hero before your time.

John Carter ("A princess of Mars"): America's fantasy/science fiction rival to the works of Jules Verne.

As the proud owner of the entire Mars series, written by Edgar Rice Burroughs - the creator of John Carter and Tarzan, it pains me to witness the wholesale failure of the recent Disney production based on the first of the Mars books - A Princess of Mars.

Try as I may, I cannot find any real fault in the movie, which I saw yesterday. I suspect that it's failure stems from the lack of a big named star and the utter lack of appreciation for history in our instant everything generation.

People, this story was written at the turn of the 19th century; this story is acknowledged as the genesis for the works of George Lucas (Star Wars) and virtually every other notable interplanetary tale.

Tele-transportation, strange creatures that amuse, puzzle and terrify, epic wars and the most lurid and sexualized paperback book covers ever created to boot.

Come on people, Harry Potter, Twilight, and now The Hunger Games -- they are all great,

John Carter of Mars is also great, and it was great when being great really meant something.

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Daria Brooks May 22, 2012 at 11:17 PM
You're right: There is NO fault in this amazingly beautiful and greatly enjoyable film. The fault was with Disney, who deliberately sabotaged their own creation, bypassing their own tried-and-true twin bludgeoning strategies of advertising and marketing their products. Instead, they barely put up print advertising and sent the delightful Taylor Kitsch to a couple of TV shows for publicity...LAST NOVEMBER, for a film opening in March. No toys, no Happy Meal promotion, no plush Woola soft toys...only a couple of Disney print books. That's it. Despite all of this, the film performed beautifully in Europe and elsewhere and has earned 75% of its money around the world. I've seen this film 27 times now and always watch and listen to the audiences. The verdict? Audiences LOVE this film--but they've had to find out about it solely by word-of-mouth. Hopefully, fortunes will change for this now cherished favorite of mine, and groups like Facebook's 'Take Me Back To Barsoom' are helping to get the word out. "John Carter" is magnificent--SEE IT!
Dr. Mark Solomon May 23, 2012 at 01:52 AM
Thanks Daria - I can only hope that John Carter can make a recovery like The Usual Suspects or The Shawshank Redemption, two other movies that did tepid box office but ultim ately became blockbuster favorites. It was really sad to see a cartoon captioned "where disney executives go to to be alone" The drawing was a man buying a ticket to see John Carter. It took John Carter awhile to get his "mars" legs - lets hope it just takes a while for this film to do the same.


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