Barrington's Summit Street to get Facelift

The unincorporated Barrington roadway will be re-paved between Illinois and Cornell.

Say goodbye to potholes and other imperfections along Summit Street in Barrington. Construction to re-pave the roadway will begin in the coming days. Prep work is already underway.

“We have a plan where the roads in the unincorporated area have been designated over a period of time to be re-paved. The plan was put together over 20 years ago so that there would be some sort of continued maintenance on the roads,” Barrington Township Supervisor Gene Dawson said. “Fortunately, Summit came up on the plan to be paved this year.”

The road, which is part of unincorporated Barrington, is notoriously one of the bumpiest streets in town. As the only pass-through street between downtown Barrington and the main Post Office on South Grove Avenue, the road has seen a lot of wear and tear over the years.

“Summit seems to be one of the streets that really takes a beating because people use Summit as a pass-through off of Barrington Road or if they are going to the Post Office,” Barrington Township Supervisor Gene Dawson said.

In addition to the traffic, there are also garbage trucks and post office vehicles using the narrow roadway every week, Dawson said.

Summit has been patched as needed, but a complete re-paving of the street hasn’t been done in at least 10 years.

Summit Street will be re-paved from Illinois to Cornell Avenue. Traffic detour signs will be posted as needed. The project is expected to be complete at the end of November. 


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