Chicagoland Residents Were Passengers on Stranded Carnival Triumph Cruise Ship

Three area residents safely disembarked the ship last night, ABC7 reports.


Three Chicagoland residents were on board the stranded Carnival Triumph cruise ship, ABC7 Chicago reports.

Sandeep Berry of Evanston, Rian Tipton of Chicago, and another woman from Chicago were passengers on the ship that docked in Mobile, Ala. yesterday, ABC7 reports.

Passengers on the ship were stranded at sea after an engine fire knocked out power to the vessel last weekend, the Associated Press reports. The 4,200 passengers were left without working toilets, little food options, and what some described as deplorable conditions. The ship docked in Mobile late Thursday night, according to the AP.

Saw a report form a 'legal expert' on CNN yesterday how those cruise companies have you sign a kind of 'waiver' that basically takes all your rights away to go after them. Also, since it occurred in international waters, you can only sue them under maritime law ... not USofA law. I'm sure there will still be loads of lawsuits filed; but, I bet none filed in the USofA go anywhere. I'll be watching to see what the maritime courts do with any suites submitted to them. Bottom line, after all the noro-virus outbreaks, captains running aground, now this, I think I'll just stay on dry land.
RIck K February 16, 2013 at 03:04 PM
Not sure if you are right or not about the inability to file lawsuits, but you know the name Carnival will continue to be screwed more and more after all these incidents, which may be payback enough.


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