Devine Decorum: Expert Advice on How to Avoid Celebration Chaos

Barrington event planner Christina Currie answers readers' questions.


Christina Currie, owner of Christina Currie Events, Inc., can answer your biggest wedding concerns from wedding etiquette to trends to how to involve the groom’s family in the wedding process! 

This week's questions: 


Q: I want to send out my wedding invitations through the Post Office but don’t want to have all that scanned stuff on the envelope. Is there a way to get them hand sorted to prevent damage or the unattractive stamps?

-Mayra, Evanston, IL

A: Yes! We addressed this question in a recent wedding planner discussion group online. You can pay an extra $.20 and have your envelopes put in the “unsortable” bins in the Post Office, making sure that they are handled with more care and without the marks! We have found that working with suburban locations tend to get better results as they don’t have as large an influx of mail at one time where it may still be deposited in the normal mail bin.


Q: My parents are paying for the wedding and my mother seems to think that she can make all the decisions. She wants to control everything! I am really getting very angry with her; she’s taking the fun out of it for me and I don’t care for her taste in linen and flowers. Help!

Kristin, Chicago, IL

A: This is such a shame for you. There must be some way to compromise with your mom. Sometimes bringing in Dad into the conversations can help smooth things over. Remember to be gracious because they’re paying for your wedding. There needs to be a way to communicate that this is your dream and your memories, and you would like to incorporate your style. Truth is most moms feel as if they’re losing control of their child, and they’re acting out. Ultimately, the best advice is to pick your battles with your mom.


Q: Is it customary for the groom and I to speak at some point at our rehearsal dinner or reception?

Robyn, Hoffman Estates, IL

A: Yes. Traditionally, you should give a short speech at your wedding, in response to all the toasts. Some of my couples speak at the cake cutting, however you can choose any time. If someone is hosting you at the rehearsal dinner, then you should thank them with a toast. Rule of thumb, anytime someone says something about you, be prepared to say a few words in response.


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