Letter: Leslie Coolidge is the Right Candidate for Congress

Barrington resident writes in support of Leslie Coolidge. To send a letter to the editor, email Charlotte@patch.com.


Peter Roskam is playing politics with the voters of his newly drawn district.  Through debates, voters in other districts have a real opportunity to learn about their candidates and to see how they perform in the spotlight. Unfortunately, we voters in the 6th Congressional District do not have that opportunity.  Despite Leslie Coolidge's repeated offers to debate Rep. Roskam any time any place, he would not agree to a debate.  What is he afraid of?  The fact that Leslie Coolidge is an intelligent woman with the skills needed in Washington right now?

As a CPA and a former external auditor with KPMG, she can use her experience to tackle the budget issue.  Is it because she takes a pragmatic rather than partisan approach to the issues facing our nation?  She is not a career politician, not a Washington insider, but rather a pragmatist who wants to forge solutions to important problems like the economy, education, security and the environment.  Or is he afraid to go face to face with Leslie on women's issues? 

On his website the only mention of women's issues is "Mrs R's Corner", his wife's three entry blog. The most recent one, ironically is about October being Breast Cancer Awareness month and emphasizes the importance of mammograms.  Leslie supports the President's health care law which requires insurers to pay for mammograms. Rep. Roskam wants to repeal the law.   

To the voters of the 6th District--I urge you to educate yourself about these two candidates. Look at the difference in style and substance and make an educated decision about who to vote for. I am confident that a majority will decide that Leslie Coolidge is the right candidate for Illinois' 6th District.

Linda Hochstein
Barrington, IL


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