Letter to the Editor: Leslie Coolidge for Congress

P. Denise Israel of Barrington Hills wrote to Patch regarding 6th District Congressional candidate Leslie Coolidge.


Leslie Coolidge is my choice to represent the 6th District in Congress! She will focus on helping the middle class find jobs that will be created by bringing manufacturing back to the US. Being endorsed very recently by Green Peace, she is committed to protecting our environment and creating green jobs which will boost our economy. Leslie understands HUGE budgets, being now a retired CPA partner of the worldwide accounting firm of KPMG LLP. She led the firm's internal training program and gets that reaching across the aisle to help other members of Congress understand importance of having funding in place before a Bill is passed is crutial to the process of having a balanced budget and a strong national credit rating. Tax policy, the deficit, reforms of abuses that led to the recession are critical to comprehend and this lady does.  

Her opponent, Peter Roskam, has been described as "the most conservative member of the IL Congressional delegation", according to the National Journal. He has continued to waste OUR TIME and TAXES by voting against Wall Street Reform, Job Stimulus and the Affordable Care Act, but for the XL Keystone Gas Line which will only enrich the oil companies, for renewing the GW Bush tax cuts for the super rich and for about every proposal the Republican Party has put forth in two years.I hope you will look at Leslie Collidge's website to discover more about her:http://www.coolidgeforcongress.com/

Written by P. Denise Israel, Barrington Hills 

Leslie Coolidge August 16, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Actually, I was endorsed by the national body of the Sierra Club, not Greenpeace.


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