Staackmann Has Integrity, Loyalty to Morton Grove

Dan Di Maria pledged his support to the Action Party candidate, but then reneged and ran against him, this author says. By Peggy Flickinger-Friewer

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I am writing this letter as a former vice president of the Action Party as well as a member of the screening committee for many years. Most people have never participated in the screening process, so have no idea how it works.

The potential candidate is interviewed by the members of the committee and he or she provides a resume’ to be reviewed. They are allowed to give the reasons they feel they are qualified for the position they are seeking.

As part of the process, they must also pledge their support to the individuals that are chosen to be slated for election whether they are chosen or not. This is a crucial part of the entire process. It shows the candidate's loyalty and sense of integrity to the election process.

As you know, this year the Action Party selected Dan Staackmann to be their choice as the candidate for Mayor in the April election. Dan DiMaria was also screened for the position, but was not chosen by the committee.

What did he do? He chose to run against Dan Staackmann in a primary. This is something that shows to me his total disregard for the election process and his lack of integrity.

How can we trust a person like this to be the Mayor of Morton Grove when he goes against his own political organization? What happened to the promise he made to support the slate as chosen? If he can break that solemn promise what else will he be willing to do to achieve his goals ?

He has been a trustee for the last four years. If he had issue with the way the village was being run, why not address them while he was sitting on the Village Board? It is much easier to criticize than to take the initiative to make the changes that you feel are necessary. Please look at more than the promises made during this primary election. Look at the individuals and you will see that Dan Staackmann is the candidate with proven trust and integrity that can and HAS served our Village well.

Peggy Flickinger- Friewer, Morton Grove

Newgrover January 22, 2013 at 03:57 PM
Oldgrover and Mr. Craig are forgetting to tell everyone about the inroads that Caucus made into the Staackmann campaign. They preach about a Caucus conspiracy and leave out how a Caucus candidate is running with Staackmann and supporting him. I believe that Mr. Pietron recently ran for trustee under the Caucus banner. Maybe Oldgrover and Mr. Craig ought to take their conspiracy theories against Mr. DiMaria and report the truth about the Caucus influence in Staackmann's campaign.
Pat Craig January 22, 2013 at 05:00 PM
Interesting bit of attempted misdirection Newgrover. Perhaps the difference ids that Mr. Pietron has decided that he is more suited to the ideals espoused by the party he has chosen to run withy. You would have to ask him that question. Having looked at the nominating petitions from both candidates, I see no Caucus officers or operatives on Staackmanns I see the executive committee of the Caucus all over DiMaria. I am not preaching any conspiracy but questioning Mr. DiMarias' loyalty to any principles aside from win at all cost. Actually, it is smart politics on the part of the Caucus executives in that, if you can't win on your own, find a turncoat to run as your stalking horse. I remember the fiasco from 2005-2009. I also remember other political pecadillos that DiMaria was mired in. They say politics make strange bedfellows. It seems as though Morton Grove has its' own Quisling.
Paul Young January 22, 2013 at 05:04 PM
Actually Old Grover I believe that you are wrong. It says that she used to be the Vice President and is a part of the screening committee. I don't believe that you can be a part of the screening committee and not be an active member of the party. By the way, you don't need to be rude to Matt for questioning since it does appear that he made a valid point based on her own credentials (Being a part of the screening committee). This would seem to suggest that she was a part of the selection of Mayor Staackmann over Trustee DiMaria. I don't particularly care who chose whom in the selection process, but I do see where Matt made a valid query since she was a part of this selection process. Lets try to keep this a bit more civil since Matt is exercising his civic duty. When are the debates?
Old Time Grover January 22, 2013 at 05:42 PM
Can't speak for anyone else. For me, Newgrover writing that Caucus is making inroads into Staackmann's campaign seems unfounded. I remember reading that Action openly advertised for people interested in running but NEVER remember the Caucus Party EVER doing that. Seems like Mr. Peitron took Action up on their offer and made a good enough impression to be endorsed by them to run as a trustee. I even think the Champion endorsed him the last time around. Did others from Caucus ask to be considered or is all this about sour Caucus grapes?
Roger Jones February 17, 2013 at 09:50 PM
Again Pat, really? Blah blah blah I'm going to keep throwing out the same questions, even though they have been answered. Pat, you lost, admit it. Your guy stinks worse than the pigs that were on your lawn. Your guy didn't vote for the tax hike because he was too chicken to even show up. Too bad so sad, a mayor can't stick his head in the sand. Go ahead, ask your four questions again, but everyone on this board, who is not Mark Matz or Maria Toth, can read the literature or go to a coffee to get the answers. Be a graceful loser and admit that the four years of Staackmann was a waste. He accomplished nothing except that he gave a job to his wife.


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