Barrington Police Assist Federal Drug Investigation of Local Family

Police help Drug Enforcement Agency Milwaukee arrest four members of Bopp family.

Barrington Police participated in the investigation, search warrant and arrests of four members of a local family for federal drug trafficking and money laundering charges, according to a news release from the Barrington Police Department.

Mark A. Bopp, 53, of the 200 block of W. Lincoln Ave in Barrington was one of nine arrested on Tuesday, Jan. 31. Also arrested that day were his three sons Joshua Bopp 32, (arrested in Kilauea, Hawaii), David Bopp, 25, (arrested in Weott, California) and Adam M. Bopp, 23. Adam Bopp was re‐arrested at Cook County Jail where he remains in custody for other charges. Joshua’s wife, Stacy Kennedy, was also arrested for identical charges.

The Drug Enforcement Agency Milwaukee office is the lead agency and headed/coordinated the investigation. Several other suburban Illinois and Wisconsin police departments and police task force agencies also participated in the investigation.

David Bopp has been wanted by the Barrington Police and Lake County Sheriff since 2005. Those warrants were for drug possession with the intent to deliver, battery and mob action. He was arrested by a police department in California during 2011 but used his brother’s identity and managed to avoid detection of the outstanding local warrants. Detectives in Barrington were able to clear up the identity for the California agency, but David had already been released on bond.

Barrington Police assisted the DEA and other task force departments in the August 2011 search of the Bopp’s family residence on W. Lincoln Ave in Barrington. Records of properties and assets related to the drug trafficking were seized. Over $710,000 in cash has been seized to date as part of the investigation.

That does not include at least two vehicles and one real estate property in Pleasant Prairie, WI, two properties in Barrington and six in California. Forfeiture proceedings for those assets and properties are part of the United States Attorney’s proceedings.

Adam Bopp is a registered child sex offender as a result of his 2010 arrest and 2011 conviction for Criminal Sexual Abuse. He was charged at the Cook County Jail for these latest offenses. He is in custody pending trial for charges related to offenses discovered during the August search of his residence on Lincoln Ave.

Another Barrington property of the Bopp family, 200 block of Washington St, was the site of arrests and the confiscation of 16 pounds of marijuana and marijuana manufacturing/distribution equipment in April 2010. There was an indoor growing operation discovered by local police and village officials. The

renters there were charged with various offenses including Class X Felonies.

The investigation into the illegal activities of the family, the others charged as a result of the indictment and any others in their drug trafficking operation continues.

This information was provided by a news release from the Barrington Police Department.


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