Creepiest IRS Impersonator Ever and Victoria's Secret Fight

A look at weird crime in the Chicago area.

By Emily Stone and David MacLean

Kitchen sink expresses great relief that idiom is true

Someone broke the window of an Evanston home and stole a box-style television, stove with oven and older model white fridge.

Victoria's Secret fight much less sexy than imagined

Four female subjects started a verbal altercation with an employee of a Victoria’s Secret in Skokie. When asked to leave, one of the subjects spit on the employee three times and then threw a pile of sweatpants at her. They then fled the scene.

Santa arrives early, gets drunk

An employee of a Glenview business reported that a man passed out near the fireplace. He was taken to the hospital due to his level of intoxication.

Business owner begs to differ

Someone painted a large shark face with water above it and a person on a surfboard above the water on the side wall of a business in Glenview. The individual also used black paint to write "life is good" and "KIKI" next to the shark face, police said. The total painted area measures about 8 feet high and 10 feet wide

If only audits were so loving (though less creepy)

A Glenview resident receiving 12 phone calls from someone who claimed to work for the IRS over the course of two days. At first, the caller told the resident that they owed the IRS money, and then the caller said they loved the resident and that he or she had a beautiful voice, police said.


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