Darch Ensures Residents’ Safety Despite Outcome of Fire District Talks

Village of Barrington still working with Countryside Fire District to determine future of intergovernmental agreement.


Barrington Village President Karen Darch provided an update on the status of an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with the Countryside Fire Protection District, at Monday’s village board meeting. 

The Countryside Fire Protection District gave notice of termination of its contract with the village on Sept. 10, 2012, due to a dispute over the hiring of additional personnel and adding  firefighting equipment.

Darch said the village and fire district have been in a meet and confer period for the past few months. She said the fire district voted to terminate the meet and confer period. However, the district is still interested in continuing dialogue with the village, Darch said. 

During citizen comments, longtime Barrington resident Larry Lincoln expressed concerns over the lack of agreement between the village and fire district.

“This does not seem to be getting itself resolved,” Lincoln said. He said he was concerned about the quality of service if the district separated from the village. He said the village would be left with only one fire station.

“This is the most serious thing I’ve ever seen happen,”  Lincoln said.

The contract between the village and the fire district expires in December.

Darch said the village is continuing to work on restructuring an agreement with the fire district.

“There is no doubt in any of our minds that we will have an agreement because we are inextricably linked . . . We have a relationship and we will have a relationship. The best way to structure that relationship is the question before us now,” Darch said.

She added “I don’t want anybody in the village to think for one minute that the outcome will mean less safety or less service for any resident. Please do not have that fear.”


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