Barrington's Fight Against Unsafe Railroad Tankers Makes National Geographic

Crude oil trains roll through the Village of Barrington every day.

Dot-111 tanker car. Credit: Roy Luck/Wikipedia
Dot-111 tanker car. Credit: Roy Luck/Wikipedia
The Village of Barrington's efforts to get tougher regulations for railroad oil tankers was featured in National Graphic magazine, a day after U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx held a closed-door meeting with oil and railroad executives to come up with a plan for safer transport.
Dennis January 20, 2014 at 09:09 PM
Quite amazing, both railroads have been there since the 18th century. EJ&E was started in 1884 and anyone that moved in after that is the only one a fault for being upset about the train. It is scary how everyone is scared to death about the material carried on the Railroad.. Would you prefer that it travels though Barrington in a Semi-truck, or rather ten thousand trucks, that is the load they carry! Millions of gallons, it is not a paint can full of varnish.. Of course the best thing to do is stop using anything to support your life in the fashion that you are used to.. Sell your car and walk.. I don't think so...


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