Dimucci Says Family Went to County Because Property was ‘Stained’

The Lake County ZBA held first of several public hearings on the controversial rezoning from residential to commercial and PUD of land at Rte. 12 and Old McHenry Road.

The majority of the first Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) public hearing on rezoning and a Planned Unit Development, or PUD, for the Dimucci property was devoted to presentations by the petitioner, in a four-hour meeting that drew about 200 residents, July 18.

John Dimucci, his family, and attorney Mark Eiden presented their case for commercial rezoning and a PUD on their property.  Dimucci told ZBA members that the 109-acre property, on the southeast corner of Rte. 12 and Old McHenry Road, has been in his family for three generations and it has jurisdictional issues, which has made it difficult to sell.

“The stain placed on the property would remain unless we were able to do something about it. We’re in the jurisdiction of Lake County; we’re here in hopes of more fair treatment . . .  What we’re seeking became distorted; we’re seeking a zoning change with no particular buyer in mind. We cannot forecast what the uses will be.”

The lack of specificity about how the property will be developed was a primary concern for members of the

At the end of the Dimucci presentations, ZBA board members had about 20 minutes to question presenters. Both ZBA Chairman George Bell and ZBA member John Reindl expressed concern about the lack of detailed impact studies, in particular traffic studies.

Dimucci attorney, Eiden, said the ultimate use will dictate the traffic pattern, and traffic studies can’t be performed until a developer with a specific project comes forward. 

Lake County Staff Recommends Dimucci Request

Eric Waggoner, director of planning, building and development for Lake County, pointed out in his opening statements that the Dimucci family approached the county for rezoning of the property from estate residential to general commercial. He said it was at the county’s direction that the Dimuccis request a PUD to ensure a quality development and tighter standards.

Waggoner also stated that the Dimuccis and the county are not bound by an Intergovernmental agreement (IGA) between Hawthorn Woods and North Barrington.

Waggoner said Lake County planning department staff is recommending approval of the Dimucci request based on three points:

  1. There is a trend toward commercial development on Rte. 12;
  2. Commercial infrastructure is available;
  3. Commercial development is compatible with the surrounding area. 


Dimuccis Present Case for Commercial Development

John Dimucci’s remarks centered on his research into what is the best use of the property. He argued that the comprehensive plans for Hawthorn Woods, North Barrington and Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG) all call for commercial development on the site.

“They vary in shape, vary in size, but all agree the trend of development on this site is for commercial use,” he said.

Dimucci said there haven’t been any single-family residential developments on Rte. 12 in 20 years. 

Mike Dimucci, brother to John, said that the PUD along with the Pattern Book, which dictates design standards, set the stage for a quality development.

Eiden told the ZBA that the owner has made many concessions. He said the PUD is usually a trading process, but that the owner in this case is asking for less density with increased standards. He said the Dimuccis were just interested in a zoning change, but agreed to the PUD. 

Kim Lask of Marchris Engineering testified that the hydric soils on the property could bear a commercial development. She said Dominick’s in Lake Zurich is built on hydric soils. She also noted that Lake Zurich has agreed to provide sewer and water to the property.

Cara Mueller, sister to John and Mike Dimucci, testified to the open space commitment of the development, the impact on schools and property values.

Regarding open space, Eiden told the ZBA they were willing to make arrangements so that 51 percent open space would be guaranteed for perpetuity.

Mueller said a commercial development would bring revenue for School District 95 and other taxing bodies, without the burden of additional students.

Mueller brought real estate consultant Dick Broderick to explain his analysis of what impact the development would have on property values.

Broderick used the retail development in Deer Park and Kildeer as an example. He testified that his research showed the property value in the neighborhoods surrounding Deer Park and Kildeer retail developments were not negatively affected by the development.

John Dimucci ended the presentation by directing the public to the Dimucci family website.

ZBA Member Asked to Recuse Himself

The ZBA meeting started with a call by ACRE (Active Citizens for Responsible Expansion) representative Matt Lasusa for ZBA member Marvin Raymond to recuse himself, since he already voted in favor of the Dimucci request in his dual role as member and chairperson of the RPC. Lasusa also questioned the change in ZBA procedure for the Dimucci hearings, saying the new procedure had a “chilling effect” on the hearings, and asked the ZBA to postpone the meeting.

North Barrington attorney J. William Braithwaite and Hawthorn Woods attorney Dan Shapiro also asked Raymond to recuse himself.

“We want people with open minds, not somebody who has already decided,” Shapiro said.

George Bell, ZBA chairperson, said the meeting would not be postponed nor would Raymond be asked to recuse himself.

“I have been on this board for 12 years. This is the biggest meeting ever. The changes in rules were made to have a more orderly meeting, not to intimidate anyone at all,” Bell said.

Raymond said there is a difference in the roles of the RPC and the ZBA with the RPC looking at the regional nature of the proposal and the ZBA considering the specific details. 

“I believe I am capable of making a fair judgment as member of the ZBA and therefore I do not plan to recuse myself,” Raymond said. 

Update: The next ZBA public hearing on the Dimucci property request will be held July 25, 5 p.m., at Concorde Banquets in Kildeer.

rdimucciproperty July 19, 2012 at 03:04 PM
We would like to thank the ZBA for taking the time to hear our presentation last night. Using this objective forum we are confident we will be able to dispel the rumors and misrepresentations being spread by some of our neighbors and surrounding Village officials. We welcome everyone to take a look at our website. All of the information you will find is factual and can be substantiated by documents and agreements executed by your elected officials. www.rdimucciproperty.com
Harold the Squirrel July 19, 2012 at 03:48 PM
Come to Lake Zurich!
Living in Barrington July 20, 2012 at 04:56 PM
what is a PUD?
Morgan Delack July 20, 2012 at 06:25 PM
PUD stands for Planned Unit Development. It's a grouping of varied land uses all contained within the same development.
Deborah Barry July 24, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Public Comment/Cross-Examination forms were collected, yet Dimuccis took up entire meeting. Much info was all-new, never seen by residents or RPC. APPLICANTS SHOULD GET ONLY ONE BITE AT THE APPLE. Mr. Raymond MAY vote on both RPC and ZBA--but he need not. ALTERNATE MEMBERS AVAILABLE FOR JUST THIS SITUATION. Only LkCty staff, village attys and Waukegan State's Atty (representing only LkCty) have spoken. WE NEED TO HEAR FROM IL STATE'S ATTY. We'd like the "best price" for our real estate; but Cty Staff won't help us get it! Dimucci farm already benefitted from tax rate for farms. THAT'S A BIG LEG UP. The audience wasn't rude; they were frustrated beyond tolerance. We knew zip until Dimucci application ready. Now we get only 3 min. to speak. Meeting minutes never reflect proceedings. BE "IN THE ROOM"! Think this project is "NIMBY"? Better watch your back yard. Dimuccis wanted more "fairness"? It's an end-run around local authorities. These proceedings are unprecedented. Election issue? It is--but only if you make it one. Every board seat is up for election. New board seated Jan. 1! See many meeting videos: http://youtube.com/Barry4Board Deborah Barry, candidate, D19, Lake Cty Board


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