Hough and Main Street Development Discussed with Residents

The new development planned for Hough and Main streets was discussed at the Town Hall Meeting on Nov. 15.

About a dozen residents came out to on Nov. 15 to hear the latest from government officials and to express their own concerns regarding village affairs.

The Town Hall Meeting, which took place at 8 p.m., covered a variety of topics from new developments, to budgets, to road improvements. A widely discussed topic of the evening was the Hough and Main streets project that is under way.

Construction crews are working to tear down the former Chase Bank and Chuck Hines buildings to make way for a new development in town.

“We are close to an agreement with a developer right now,” Trustee Beth Raseman said. “We are in the final phases of those discussions and we’re really pleased with the developer and their experience. They really have great retail experience and they are very well-respected in the Chicagoland area.”

Although the name of the developer cannot be disclosed publicly at this time, the idea for what the final project will look like was discussed. The site will be turned into a mixed-use space with retail on the first floor and office space on the second level. Raseman reports that there may be a partial third floor, and there will be municipal parking in the back.

A resident at the meeting raised the question of green space in the new development and asked what the community can expect to see once construction is complete.

Raseman said not to expect a park to be built there, but she did say the developers are interested in making sure green space exists.

“What I think you’ll see in the outdoor areas that we’ll try to incorporate in the village (will) be very inviting and usable,” she said.

Another resident asked about creating condominiums as part of future development plans in the village, which Raseman replied was not in the works right now.

“There’s no market for it (condominiums),” Raseman said. “At this point, it makes more sense to do office, retail and rental.”

Station Street is another location in town where additional development is being planned. Some residents who live on Station Street voiced concerns about the look of the retail space that will be put up and how it will affect the neighborhood’s visual appeal.

Board members assured those residents that the majority of the retail space will be built along Hough and Main streets, with mainly parking being constructed on Station Street itself.

“We want it to look as nice as possible,” Raseman said.


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