Man Loses Job and Wins Lottery on the Same Day

Wladyslaw Krawiec of Cary said he "prayed for a little bit of help."


Lady Luck has touched Cary once again.

Cary resident Wladyslaw Krawiec showed up for work as usual just six days before Christmas, but was told to go back home.

"My boss said there was no more work for us so I picked up my tools, left the job site and drove home," Krawiec said in a press release.

On his way home, he said a little prayer asking for "a little bit of help" and stopped at a gas station to check his Lucky Day Lotto ticket from the previous night's drawing. His prayer was answered quickly as he discovered he'd won $175,000.

Krawiec matched all five winning numbers of the Dec. 18 drawing, according to an Illinois Lottery press release. He immediately telephoned his wife.

“We won! We won!” Krawiec shouted into the phone to his wife, who he called immediately after confirming the win. “It’s so exciting, and this lottery win means some security, it means I can relax a little.”

Krawiec plans to invest his winnings. His purchased his winning quick pick ticket at Stop Everyday, 66 East Jackson Boulevard in Chicago, according to release.

“I like to buy my tickets in different places, I feel like it’s lucky,” Krawiec said.

Krawiec was the third big-payout Lottery winner from Cary in the past four months.

In September, husband and wife won $3.5 million after buying a Lotto quick pick ticket at Mr. A's Liquor World in Palatine.

In November, 7-11 convenience store at 296 Cary-Algonquin Road in Cary, won $1 million in the Illinois Lottery Halloween Millinionaire Raffle game.

Two other Halloween were sold at Cary establishments - one at Sam's Marathon, 8 E. Main St., and the other at Volume Liquors, 382 Route 14.


Jackpots for Lucky Day Lotto start at $100,000, according to the Illinois Lottery. Drawings are held seven days a week with over 35,000 winners every day-  over 200,000 winners in Illinois every week. The Lucky Day Lotto drawing takes place every night at 9:22 p.m.




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