Local Attorney Pens Handbook on Illinois' New Medical Marijuana Law

The "Illinois Medical Marijuana Law FAQ Handbook," authored by attorney Cameron Monty, a partner with Palatine's Lavelle Law, Ltd., is available exclusively on Amazon.com.

The "Illinois Medical Marijuana Law FAQ Handbook" is the first book authored by Palatine attorney Cameron Monti. Credit: screenshot from Amazon.com
The "Illinois Medical Marijuana Law FAQ Handbook" is the first book authored by Palatine attorney Cameron Monti. Credit: screenshot from Amazon.com

Cameron Monti, a Partner at Lavelle Law, Ltd., in Palatine, has authored a new book detailing the aspects of the new Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program in Illinois, according to a press release.

Available on Amazon, "Illinois Medical Marijuana Law FAQ Handbook" lays out the details of the new law and explains how it will impact various constituencies including employers, attorneys, landlords, patients, and those who will be operating businesses related to the cultivation and distribution of cannabis for medical purposes.

While the new law goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2014, the multiple state agencies that have some jurisdiction over parts of the law will have a number of months to develop procedures and guidelines that will actually govern the growing and distribution of marijuana for the treatment of certain medical conditions in Illinois.

Monti said he hopes the book provides guidance to individuals and businesses that will deal with those various state agencies.

"This legislation will have far reaching effects throughout the economy of Illinois as well as our judicial system. While advocates and proponents have focused on the question of right or wrong, the law now paves the way for a number of new interactions such as the employer-employee or tenant-landlord relationship, as well as creating an entirely new industry for the cultivation, packaging, selling, and utilization of marijuana for medical reasons."

The primary purpose of the book, said Monti, is to untangle the law and present its key statutes in clear terms. Throughout the book, Monti uses citations from the actual law as reference for attorneys and others looking for guidance and clarification.

"I think that people who will be impacted by this legislation can learn about the law from the book," said Monti. "The goal was to walk through the law step by step and explain the limitations and rights afforded by it. People who want to cultivate and dispense marijuana for medicinal use need to understand how to operate within the law. I’ve had questions about taxes, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, workplace use, and adding clauses to property leases, all of which I address in the book."

Available exclusively on Amazon, "Illinois Medical Marijuana Law FAQ Handbook" is the first book authored by Monti.

"There has been a very strong response in the first few days of the book being available," said Monti, who plans to conduct some seminars and informational sessions on the contents of the law.

Monti received his J.D. from Michigan State University College of Law and an LL.M. in taxation from the University of Washington School of Law. He has focused much of his practice on matters of tax law, business law, and employment law since joining Lavelle Law in 2002. He has served as an Adjunct Professor of Law at John Marshall Law School.

Submitted by Lavelle Law, Ltd.


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