Residents Asked to Respect Water Conservation Ordinance

During this hot weather, Barrington residents are asked to comply with the ordinance to protect the finite amount of water available.

The heavy rainfall the Barrington area received Wednesday evening doesn’t make up for the extremely hot and dry summer the area has had. Water is at a premium, and Barrington officials remind residents of the conservation ordinance in place.

The village is currently under the yellow condition in the water conservation ordinance, meaning times and dates for watering are restricted. Residents are asked to only water in the morning and evening hours. Homes with an even address can water on even days while odd numbered homes are free to water on odd days.

“We feel like this ordinance is having an impact. People do seem to be more conservative of their use of water to water landscape and we appreciate it and hope it continues,” Village President Karen Darch said.

The Barrington Area Council of Governments area is on a shallow aquaphor system for water. The water is pumped out of the ground into area homes when we need it.

“It’s coming from a finite resource and we need to protect that,” Darch said. “The reason we put that ordinance in place is really to help that along.”

Residents with newly planted trees are welcome to use Gator Bags from the Public Works Department to keep them alive during the drought. The bags go around the base of the tree and provide a constant source of water.

“We have those available at Public Works. If somebody would like to give us a call, we’d be more than happy to drop them off. All we need is your name and number. Just keep the bags full and the tree will survive,” Acting Public Works Director Mark Werksman said. 

To contact Public Works, call (847) 381-7903 Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. 


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