Asbestos Found in Sunny Hill Elementary School

The material was discovered after removing white boards from four classrooms last week.

Asbestos has been found in as many as four classrooms at in Carpentersville.

A hard material was found in three or four classrooms last week that was later identified as asbestos. It was discovered after white boards were removed from the walls to install new SmartBoards in the classrooms.

“The good news is that the asbestos was not airborne at any time and can be completely and safely contained by putting up new drywall and repainting the four classrooms,” Superintendent Tom Leonard said in a letter to parents.

The four classrooms affected by the asbestos have been relocated to a temporary space in the school.

“The other good news is that Sunny Hill’s fifth-grade classes leave for Camp Timber-Lee on Wednesday which will also make their classrooms available for this temporary relocation,” Leonard said.

The hanging of new drywall and painting of the walls should be done by Thursday, Nov. 3. Students will be allowed back to their original classrooms by Monday, Nov. 7.

“Fortunately, the substance was not airborne so the risk of students and staff being exposed has been averted thanks to the quick work of our maintenance staff. In fact, initial air quality tests in the affected areas are good, so asbestos particles were most likely not released in the classrooms,” Leonard said.

Leonard said the situation is only temporary and should not pose any health risks to those who attend school in the building. 

Tom Antoine November 02, 2011 at 01:18 PM
There is no health risk for non-friable asbestos. When used in floor tile mastic, floor tiles and well maintained pipe insulation it poses no danger. If someone disturbs it crushes it or it is was used as a fireproofing agent then it can become friable and has the potential to be airborne. That is when the material is dangerous. OSHA requires that building owners identify Potential Asbestos Containing Materials (PACM) in their buildings and treat the PACM as asbestos-containing materials (ACM) until the materials are proven not to contain asbestos. This is done by maintaining a log of PACMs that records location, description, condition and treatment of suspect materials.
Dennis November 02, 2011 at 04:26 PM
Sorry, I grew up going to the Boreington Schools and as a father I had to contend with the BCSD all my life... A long time ago, they were going to sell Hickory Hill School as a halfway house to drug addicts. Then they were going to get rid of Sunny Hill School! After spending a billion dollars on the entire “local" schools in Barrington, all the way from complete teardowns and rebuilds to brand new schools! The Prairie Campus (I always thought that Campus was a College status) when it was built, began its sorry life already too small and they had to add more. More reasons that living next to a wealthy area is a very serious health concern as the Asbestos should have been found forty years ago! It should have been listed in records produced when it was built..... As the man says, "This is not rocket science!" These are people RESPONSIBLE to protect the children, may never happen on the west side.
Angeline Lee November 02, 2011 at 07:01 PM
I am very pleased to be out of the Barrington School District. There's not much to add to that sentence. God Bless the area - I wish no ill will - overjoyed at not having to contend with it any longer.
Tom Antoine November 03, 2011 at 02:39 PM
Most schools and public use buildings built pre 80's have ACMs in them. It doesn't matter what district you are talking about. Nearly everyone has to deal with this at some level.
Dennis November 03, 2011 at 04:59 PM
I suppose that prior to 1980 they used plans and a list of material? To find it while making changes or repairs is not the best way, to dangerous to go in without knowing what is there. Asbestos and other things in common usage must be listed somewhere, unless careless people destroyed them! Even Mercury (Think Mad Hatter, by Lewis Carroll) can be more that dangerous. I have a container of it and treat it with considerable regard. Although only a couple of pounds! Given to me by a departed Barrington man that was a plumber!


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