D220 Board, Teachers Union Remain Optimistic

As the Barrington board of education and Barrington Education Association submit final offers, negotiations continue.


Both the Barrington Dist 220 school board and the Barrington Education Association (BEA) submitted last and final offers before 4 p.m., today, in the continuing teacher contract negotiations.

BEA President Melanie Collins said the teachers are still optimistic that a contract can be negotiated.

“We still have that positive attitude that we can get this done,” Collins said.

“Everyone is still optimistic and everyone is still hopeful,” Dist. 220 Chief Communications Officer Jeff Arnett said.

The teachers’ union and school board have resolved some issues in negotiations, Collins said.

Collins could not share specifics, but she said some of the areas where negotiations are stalled include working conditions, and compensation—including salary and insurance.

Collins explained that language in negotiations can be deceiving; “last and final offers” does not mean negotiating stops.

The BEA and school board have meetings scheduled on Friday, Feb. 1, and on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Arnett said, while the district is optimistic, there are plans in place in the event that a teacher strike occurs. Some schools would be open for students in consideration that working parents are not at home during the day.

According to the timeline, the BEA would need to notify of intent to strike at least 10 days prior to a work stoppage.

The earliest date that a strike could occur is Feb. 21. 


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