District 220 Receives 11-Acre Land Donation from Wamberg Family

The new year begins with gift of new land to Barrington School District 220.

Barrington District 220
Barrington District 220

Barrington School District 220 is the recipient of an 11.25-acre land donation from the Wamberg family, according to the district website.

The undeveloped but useable parcel is located in Barrington Hills on the western edge of Hart Road, immediately south of the Barrington Corporate Center. Known as "Lot 5" within the Flint Creek Crossing commercial subdivision, the property is parallel to the Barrington High School athletic fields.

View a map of the property here.

The board of education approved the donation at a special meeting on Dec. 31

The land was gifted by Barrington Hills resident and businessman Tom Wamberg on behalf of his family, including his wife, Dede, a former District 220 school board member, reports the Daily Herald.

"We have a special interest in Barrington High School, as all seven of our children attended there and received wonderful educations," said Wamberg. "We know this property is needed and we are delighted it will eventually be put to good use by the school district."

District 220 Board President Brian Battle said the district has no immediate plans to use the land, but will begin to evaluate some short and long-term options.

"We will coordinate with the villages of Barrington and Barrington Hills on any future development of the acreage, which would include the Wamberg Family's name to acknowledge their donation."

Battle said the lot has significant worth according to known real estate market values, but especially to Barrington 220 because it provides much-needed flexibility.

"There have been few property additions to the BHS campus since it was constructed in the late 1940s," said Supt. Tom Leonard. "As programs and the student population have grown through the decades, the school has become land-locked, leaving few options for using space differently. This generous donation by the Wamberg Family now gives us more latitude when planning for the future."


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