Pepper Spray Released at Barrington High School

School officials say the incident was accidental and no injuries were reported.


A Barrington High School student disrupted Wednesday's dismissal with an accidental release of pepper spray school officials said. The incident occurred in the East Wing of the high school campus, near the Social Studies and Fine Arts departments and in the area of the front lobby. 

According to District 220 Chief Communications Officer Jeff Arnett , no injuries or health issues beyond mild coughing were reported as a result of the incident.

"No students requested to see the school nurse and no one was transported to the hospital or required medical attention. It appears this was not an intentional act but rather an unfortunate mishap that could have been avoided. The effects of the pepper spray are no longer evident and the high school environment was soon clear, quiet and safe after dismissal today," The district's Facebook page read. 

Although the incident was reportedly accidental, consequences will be administered. 

"It is illegal in Illinois for a person under the age of 18 to carry pepper spray or to discharge it in a public place, so this will likely involve disciplinary action by both the school and local police. The extent of the consequences have not yet been determined," Arnett said. 


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