South Barrington Student Tours UPS Worldport Facility

Peter Radakovic was among several students taking the tour with other members of the Lewis University Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives.


Peter Radakovic of South Barrington, Ill. and other members of the Lewis University Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives recently toured aviation facilities in Louisville, Ky. The main highlight of the trip was a behind-the-scenes look at the night operation of the UPS Worldport facility, the largest UPS package sorting facility.

The trip served as a networking opportunity and provided insights on a few different fields of aviation. Students also got a look at air traffic control in action. They toured the Louisville air traffic control tower and Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities, and a surprise trip to Humana's aviation department.

"It was an educational experience that AAAE offered for students to attend, in hopes that it could broaden their knowledge of the industry. This trip focused on the operations within the cargo industry as well as where Louisville International Airport's control tower fell within the Air Traffic Control System," Tyler Dean, president of the Lewis University AAAE chapter, described.

"In addition to educational experience, this trip was also a networking opportunity for the Lewis students that attended. The aviation industry is a small community; the more people you meet within it can help you in the future," Tyler continued. Students interacted with professionals serving in a variety of areas, such as pilots, administrators and air traffic controllers.

The Lewis University chapter of AAAE is an aviation-related, student-led organization dedicated to building both social and professional relationships with existing professionals in the aviation field. The group of future pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers and airport managers partake in monthly activities that include bringing in guest speakers from all facets of the aviation field, touring local air traffic control facilities and various aviation departments-corporate, airline and cargo.

Students that participated on the trip include: Justin Lewis, Martina Barnat, Michael Deimert, Logan Berryman, Patrick Maxwell, Nicholas Fisher, Steven Michalak, Tyler Dean, Alex Kwiatkowski, Cody Marks, Carolyn Redmond, Todd Fauria, Maximilian Schmelzer, Kenneth Bucz, Nirav Patel, Midral Malik and Peter Radakovic.

Professor William Parrot and Jacob Leudtke, a graduate assistant, were Lewis University faculty members that participated on the trip.

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