St. Anne to Offer Full Day Preschool

The full day preschool will be new next year for St. Anne parents.

Starting this September, will be offering full day preschool and pre-kindergarten programs, along with the half-day programs it already offers.

“We wanted to be responsive to the needs of our families, because more families expressed the need for all day care,” Nancy Meehan, head of St. Anne Catholic Preschool School said. “More moms have come back to work because of how the economy is. There is more two career families now.”

The full day programs will incorporate a variety of daytime activities. In the mornings, the staff will be executing preschool academic curriculum, and will have access to up-to-date technology such as interactive white boards. After lunch and a rest period, the afternoon activities will vary, but will be catered to the children’s desires.

“We are interested in keeping the high quality of that prepatory experience,” Meehan said. “We have a clear sense of where the kids are going, and what they would need to get there.”

The programs at St. Anne Catholic School are still accepting children for this upcoming September. The school will take as many children that sign up, and welcomes children of all faiths.

“We will never turn anyone away, and we will accommodate for all of the children,” Meehan said.

The program is also rebranding, and has the new slogan of “St. Anne’s Next Generation Preschool: Where Little Cardinals Take Flight.”

“The cardinal connects us to our bigger school,” Meehan said. “We feel that the connection to the bigger school is really one of our greatest benefits. You get degree state certified teachers, benefits from technology and we teach from research based curriculum.”


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