Team MSL Gearing Up for New Season of Basketball Leagues, Camps

Barrington kids from kindergarten to grade 9 can take part in the developmental basketball league and camps that aims at improving skills and overall athleticism.

Team MSL was born five years ago, with an aim of developing individual athletes by improving fundamentals and athleticism through instruction in basketball.

Matt May, its founder, says parent feedback has been extremely positive, so he knows Team MSL is on the right track. 

“What separates us is the strong focus we have on development of the individual; though we do have inter-league tournaments, it's about improving the fundamentals in basketball and overall athletics. Other programs focus on preparing the kids for competition,” May said.

Kids also develop a strong work ethic, and learn the importance of playing as a team, he said.

The league also allows for young people involved in other sports, to continue developing in more than just one.

“We provide off-season development; we do not have leagues running on the weekends and there is no travel involved, so those who play different sports can continue to do so,” May said.

This aspect of the league, May said, encourages kids to play other sports and be able to decide where they want their focus to be once they enter high school.

“We’ve seen a marked increase in participation, where a majority of the camps sell out, we have had tremendous feedback from parents on how their children improved not only in basketball but other sports as well,” May said.

Based on last year's particpants, May said 85 percent of current freshmen who participated in Team MSL made their high school team. 

All of the coaches involved in Team MSL have experience in coaching either in high school, college or both.

Due to its affiliation with the Mid-Suburban League, May said students who will someday feed into Barrington or St. Viator High Schools, in addition to District 211 and District 214 high schools are eligible to participate.

“The real aim here is to improve the overall athlete,” May said.

Leagues begin in March and are held at Harper College; enrollment has already begun and there are still spaces available. 

For more information, visit the Team MSL website.


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