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Street Strider Ellipticals New to Barrington Park District

The ellipticals on a bike are available to ride at Citizens Park for a small fee.

If you’ve seen the new Street Striders out in you may be wondering what they’re all about. The Street Strider isn’t quite a bicycle, and kind of looks like a scooter, but it’s actually the newest way of doing an elliptical workout.

The Street Striders are new to the Barrington Park District, and as many would say, a very fun and exciting way to get some exercise in. Barrington Park District employee John Callarese calls them ellipticals on a bike.

“It’s really just for your health,” Callarese said. “It’s absolutely easy to steer, easy to ride, but you’re getting a workout because you’re doing a pure elliptical. You’re working your arms, you’re working your legs,” he said.

According to the Barrington Park District’s website, the striders burn 1,000 calories per hour. These calorie burning machines are available to ride in Citizens Park on Thursdays from 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. The cost is $7 for in-district residents and $9 for out-of-district residents. To sign-up, call the Park District or head to the Fitness Center and request a ride on the strider.

“The best time to do it is by Monday if you’re going to ride by Thursday,” Callarese said. He also explained that personal instruction is included in the lesson. “We have instructors come out and show you…it takes two minutes to learn. I’ve seen everybody catch on really fast.”

The minimum age allowed to use the Street Strides is 14. Currently, the rides are only held on Thursdays, but special accommodations will be made for groups of five people or more who want to sign-up. The rides must take place at Citizens Park for the time being.

The Street Striders may be new, but they’re already becoming a very popular way to exercise.

“I’ve had a lot of calls from people asking if they can go on rides. It’s really had a good buzz for not a lot of people knowing about them,” Callarese said.

For more information, contact the Barrington Park District’s Fitness Center. (847-304- 5279)


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