Pre-Schoolers Donate to Food Pantry

Students from the Early Learning Center brought their donation to the Cuba Township Food Pantry on Nov. 21.

The youngest members of did their part to help those in need today.

A group of students from the Early Learning Center made their way to the to donate the food and paper items the school has been collecting.

Each year, Gail Permenter’s class purchases items for the pantry. In the past, Permenter would bring the items to the pantry herself. This year, she, along with teacher Margie McCrandry, decided to things a little bit differently. They arranged a field trip with the Cuba Township Food Pantry to allow the children to deliver their donation themselves.

“I organized it so the kids would bring a different kind of food each day to school and put it in different boxes,” Permenter explained. “So they were sorting and they were looking at the food and we were talking about how it’s going to help people who can’t afford to buy food for themselves so they were doing a really good thing,” she said.

Although the kids are only five-years-old and under, they truly do understand that what they are doing is helping others. Student Jennifer Galvin was very excited to help sort the foods and paper products she helped donate to Cuba Township, and knew her act of kindness and generosity would help another family.

“Poor people don’t have a lot of food like us,” she said.

Permenter said other students have expressed similar sentiments.

“One of my children said you know we could also collect clothes because some people don’t have enough clothes…they do get it, they understand,” she said.

The Cuba Township Food Pantry’s greatest need right now is gift cards to grocery stores like , Target, Walmart and other locations. If you would like to donate, drop off your donation at the Township Offices, 28000 West Cuba Road. 

Korrina Grom (Editor) November 23, 2011 at 04:03 PM
This is such a cute story! It's great to see children at this age really understanding the importance of giving.


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